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Ski-Lockers.com Team

Our Ski-Lockers.com Team

Four like-minded business professionals got together to launch an investment and venture capital partnership now known as Dennison Partners LLC, registered in the State of Colorado. The original focus was in real estate and businesses in distress but as opportunities presented themselves, the partnership found a niche in the business of providing total ski mountain storage solutions in order to promote skiing as a seamlessly pleasurable sporting and leisure activity for friends and families alike. SKI-LOCKERS.COM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dennison Partners, LLC.

The partnership has since embarked on an ambitious path of building a chain of premium quality private ski-lockers across the US, Canada, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and strategically selected locations in Europe.

The SKI-LOCKERS.COM brand shall be developed to provide a world-class product to serve the global skiing population with our maiden facility strategically situated in Beaver Creek, Colorado. More exciting concepts relating to total mountain storage solutions and valet services shall be introduced in due course.